Wren & Son Funeral Home

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Tel: (205) 250-0994

Family Owned, Family Focused

Why Wren and Son's Funeral Home?

Wren & sons Funeral Home provides a unique personalized service options that allow you to honor your loved ones in a way that is meaningful.  We provide support and guidance with care while helping families celebrate the life of their loved one and find the peace they deserve.  Wren & Sons Funeral Home is a place you can count on to meet the need of your family.

Our Staff

Bishop Peter Wren, Sr. D.D.

Owner/Funeral Director/Embalmer

Greisy Cantillano

Apprentice Director

November Wren

Manager/Assisting Director

Maurice Brown – Funeral Attendant

Charles Luck – Funeral Attendant

Kathy Wren – Funeral Attendant

Nehemiah Wren – Funeral Attendant

Timothy Merritt Jr. – Funeral Attendant

Donald Bennett – Funeral Attendant